The best ways to generate leads for your law firm

If you want to find new clients for your law firm, start with your website. A purposeful website will bring client leads to you.  You want your law firm to be front of mind when people need legal assistance, and your law firm website can help facilitate clients’ leads. Nowadays, it takes a few simple steps to achieve great returns on client leads using your website.

Your law firm’s website is a lead magnet

We recommend you invest in a modern website to set the foundation for attracting client leads. As your 24-hour billboard, a great website can do a large part of marketing work for you. A website needs to be functional, and have relevant information tailored to an online reader. To ensure clients stay curious and engaged with your law firm’s website, give them a clear and responsive webpage that they can easily find from their search engine. Search engines also check your website is fast, mobile compatible, and meets the search engine’s standards of quality and security before listing it in search results. 

How SEO attracts clients

To capture clients and get results, it is mandatory for your website to have search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is an ongoing investment of expertise and time. To match client leads to your website, the search engine checks your site’s keywords, meta tags and descriptions. Not only that,  but a search engine will also judge whether your site is getting referrals from other content pages. You can start by optimising your website’s search outcomes by testing your website with our free SEO Audit Tool to see what your website is missing. Then consider investing in an SEO expert to maintain your website.

Show the value of your law firm in blogs, newsletters and ebooks to attract leads

It’s easier now than ever to publish your story, rather than relying on media coverage or word of mouth. Using your website to feature your law firm’s story will help break the ice with potential clients, who will appreciate the insight into your work and values. You can control the story of your law firm by creating a content plan featuring the following ideas:

  • Monthly newsletter – sending newsletters is one of the most effective ways to generate leads for your law firm. Annette Power, Principal of Power Legal states, “we’ve been using the Lift Legal Marketing newsletter service and it increased our file openings by 218% over 18 months, without doing any other marketing”.
  • A website blog – writing a weekly or monthly blog consistently will help with SEO and attract more new clients to your website. Consistency is key, so once you start a blog, it is important to maintain it.
  • Creating an ebook on a common legal issue for your clients.

Using these marketing channels will provide you with beneficial data from each newsletter open, blog view and eBook download on what is attracting leads to your law firm website. Your law firm’s social media page analytics can also help inform your content plan by providing insights into what resonates with client leads, including what day and time is best to post.

Social media – online word-of-mouth referrals become leads for your law firm

Social media is an online word-of-mouth referral service. By creating a page, posting regularly and engaging with comments, you can build awareness of your business with potential clients. LinkedIn is fast becoming a key platform for professionals to network and build communities, and it’s not unusual to hear of business relationships stemming from a social media post. Making the time to showcase your business online can lead to great outcomes in generating leads for your law firm. 

Need more advice?

Get in touch and talk to us about tailoring a plan to generate leads for your law firm. Our marketing experts know exactly what your firm needs to do to attract new clients to contact you.

About the author
Kate Sergent

Kate Sergent

With over ten years’ experience across a mix of a digital and legal expertise both in Australia and in the UK, Kate brings a perfectly blended skill set to Lift Legal Marketing. Kate uses her background in software, marketing and legal industries to deliver outstanding results across newsletter campaigns, website builds, communication collateral and social media for all of Lift Legal Marketing’s clients.
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