Case Study

Shad Partners is a unique and long-established law firm built from the ground up over 40 years ago. With the hyper-competitive digital landscape, Shad Partners needed to change how and what they did with their marketing to help generate more website traffic, increase new leads, and raise brand awareness.

Marketing Roadblocks

When approaching Lift Legal Marketing for help, the firms marketing roadblocks were clear:

  • Website had little to no traffic.
  • No new leads.
  • No new content on their website to establish them as subject matter experts.
  • Website did not rank on Google to be found by new people.


To start with, our team was able to help establish a regular newsletter to their database of clients,which immediately generated more traffic to their site, raised brand awareness and generated more leads for them. Our newsletter program is a tried and tested method that many law firms find success in. To this day, Shad Partners continues to utilise our newsletter program, as it allows them to raise brand awareness and generate new content for their website.

Immediately after the newsletter program kicked off, Lift Legal Marketing went into gear to update their website to drive more leads and improve their Google ranking. Their old website did not meet the basic Google requirements to help them to rank and was not responsive design. The old site also looked dated and was only visited by existing clients to find their phone number and address – it drove no new leads. Lift Legal Marketing was able to design and develop a new website for Shad Partners, giving them a modern design and added functionality that met both Google requirements and better user experience. In turn, this helped with driving more new enquiries through the website and geared the site to rank on Google.

As the online competition grew stronger, Shad Partners started running Google AdWords themselves. Although this strategy allowed them to instantly rank on Google, it was found to be too expensive. It was at this point, Shad Partners engaged us with our SEO program, which is a long term, sustainable and a cost-effective strategy of ranking on Google. Research shows that ranking number 1 on Google can attract 31.7% more clients and is found to be a more trusted source than Google AdWords.


Lift Legal Marketing ran a benchmark report prior to starting the SEO program, which found the website only delivered 76 organic visitors per month – most of these were likely to be existing customers searching for Shad Partners phone number. With consistent effort and ongoing new content developed through our newsletter program, Lift Legal Marketing  have  been  able to grow Shad Partners traffic to a high of 1,573 organic visitors per month. This monumental increase in website visitors increased new client enquiries, raised brand awareness and improved Shad Partners online digital presence.

“Without Lift Legal Marketing, we would not be showing on Google, clients would not know we exist. We’re more visible now because of what Lift Legal Marketing is doing. Over a course of a year, our website traffic increased enormously, and as a result, we received a lot of new client calls because of more traffic to our site. Every client was tracked so we know our marketing was working.”

Catherine Shad, Partner

As we do with all our clients, we start with identifying the needs and roadblocks and work through a marketing plan that meet their budgets and goals. Lift Legal Marketing has been a key player in helping Shad Partners establish a stronger online presence, drive more leads and become the go-to law firm in the South-West Sydney region.

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