Law firm marketing – benefits of targeted newsletters

Targeted newsletters are a great way to build on your firm’s general newsletter and increase the impact of your law firm marketing. A targeted newsletter lets you reach a specific audience with focused content while showcasing your firm’s expertise.

Speak to a specific audience

So you’re up and running with your law firm marketing, you have a general newsletter, you have your marketing database organised and you are communicating with your clients and referrers on a regular basis. Now you want to reach a specific part of your audience with specialist information that you know will be helpful to them. Targeted newsletters can help you do just that.

First of all, you need to identify the audience you want to target. Thinking about your marketing database as segments will help. For example, doctors might be interested in different legal topics to, say, property developers, so they would be part of different segments of your marketing database. Segmenting your database means you can showcase your firm’s expertise and specialist services to your premium clients and referrers.

You might showcase your expertise by providing more sophisticated content on key products for a particular audience, such as property developers or mortgage brokers. Your targeted newsletters could also highlight complementary services for your existing clients. Providing regular updates on topical legal news affecting these special client groups also helps build your client relationships.

Targeted newsletters allow not only more in-depth articles on particular topics but also timely updates on developments in the law. By engaging each segment of your marketing database on a level that speaks specifically to them, you can get more out of your firm’s newsletter marketing.

Complement your general newsletter

A targeted newsletter is one way to take your law firm marketing further, but it’s not a substitute for your general firm newsletter. Even specialist firms will have different areas that can benefit from targeted newsletters. A boutique insurance firm, for example, might have targeted newsletters for marine insurance, professional indemnity and so on.

Targeted newsletters complement your general firm newsletter. They speak to a more sophisticated audience with focused information and insights on particular areas of interest to that audience. You might want to build up an area of your practice. You might simply want to highlight your areas of expertise with the attention they deserve. We can design a targeted newsletter to suit your firm’s marketing strategy.

Reap the benefits with targeted newsletters

Targeted newsletters can bring multiple benefits. You can build on your firm’s general newsletter to engage with different segments of your audience in a more specialised way while showcasing your firm’s expertise.

Each firm is different. You might choose to focus on one segment of your audience. Another option is to target a few different segments from your marketing database. You could even combine a targeted newsletter with other marketing opportunities. Perhaps your firm could run a seminar series to stimulate demand on the back of your articles.

Whatever your current law firm marketing strategy, regular communication with clients and referrers is essential. Targeted newsletters, customised to suit your firm, can help you make the most of your firm’s marketing database. If you need any help give us a call!


About the author
Peter Heazlewood

Peter Heazlewood

Peter Heazlewood is a management and marketing consultant, he specialises in helping law firms develop their practices using business planning marketing and performance reporting techniques refined in his own successful law firm. Peter lives in Sydney with his wife and is the father of five adult children.

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