2021’s Top 5 Email Marketing Stats

Email marketing still out-performs many other marketing strategies and is a number 1 lead generation tool for your law firm.

Communicating regularly with your clients and referrers is key to building brand awareness, driving leads to your website, and converting those leads into new and better business. Using a professional e-newsletter service to send valuable information to your contacts is a reliable, cost-effective way to build trust and demonstrate expertise in your areas of practice.

If you haven’t already discovered the benefits of using email to send law firm e-newsletters, and want to win more clients, we’ve set out below some convincing marketing statistics that might motivate you.


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1. Email usage is not obsolete, nor is it even remotely out of date

Despite the popularity of social media, mobile apps and messenger services, email remains a fundamental channel for communication and is an integral part of online life. In 2020, the number of email users globally was estimated at 4 billion, with this figure anticipated to increase to 4.6 billion by 2025.

Email is one of the most cost-effective and efficient marketing channels and continues to be used globally by successful businesses to reach large audiences instantaneously. The simplicity of using email to send personalised e-newsletters to your contacts makes it an obvious choice for connecting with clients and referrers and growing your law firm. 

2. Law firms rely heavily on e-newsletters as a marketing strategy

Law firms use e-newsletters to connect with their audience and grow their business ahead of Facebook and print media.

Sending regular e-newsletters enables you to reach your target audience directly and allows you to personalise your emails for maximum open rates. Creating and distributing content that is useful and valuable to your clients and referrers helps to develop trust and brand awareness. This content can be easily shared on social media or onforwarded to your recipients’ friends, family and colleagues which can have a cumulative effect on your law firm marketing efforts.

3. More blogs equal more leads

Businesses that use blogs get 67% more leads monthly than those that do not. If you’re not posting regular blogs on your law firm website, then you are missing out on significant opportunities to generate leads and grow your business.

Blogs about trending legal topics and that answer typical questions that potential clients are asking Google, help direct those leads to the ‘make an enquiry’ or ‘contact us’ pages of your law firm website. The great thing about valuable content is that it can be shared, reposted, and repurposed. You can make the most of your law firm blogs by adding them as links to your law firm e-newsletters, promoting them on LinkedIn and other platforms, and encouraging your newsletter recipients to share them via social media.

4. High open rates put your firm front and centre of a ready audience

Statistics indicate that the average e-newsletter open rate across the legal industry is 22% (with many e-newsletter campaigns exceeding this). This means that each time you send an e-newsletter, around 22% of your contacts will open the email and think of you when they need legal services. What’s more, the actual number of contacts opening your email newsletter increases incrementally as you grow your database.

5. Monthly communication creates consistency and anticipation

As you continue to share valuable information on a regular basis, your audience will come to anticipate this and your law firm brand gains traction. Monthly e-newsletters are ideal, providing consistency while allowing your audience sufficient time to read and consider your content before the next e-newsletter is distributed. Regular e-newsletters that contain important updates and interesting information on topics of interest to your audience keeps your law firm top of mind and establishes you as a thought leader in your areas of law.

The bottom line

Investing in a professional e-newsletter service is a viable marketing strategy within reach of all law firms. Depending on your internal resources, you can write your own content and set up your own e-newsletter campaigns, outsource the entire process, or take a combined approach.


If you haven’t done so already, download our free eBook which gives you a guide on how to successfully start executing your own e-newsletters.

We are a law firm marketing agency. We formulate gold-standard marketing strategies for busy lawyers to help them grow their practice through digital marketing, e-newsletters, and quality content. We build, host, and manage law firm websites for optimum performance and conversion with the visitor and user in mind. If you need help with your law firm marketing, or need quality content for your website, please contact Lift Legal Marketing for assistance.

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About the author
Peter Heazlewood

Peter Heazlewood

Peter Heazlewood is a management and marketing consultant, he specialises in helping law firms develop their practices using business planning marketing and performance reporting techniques refined in his own successful law firm. Peter lives in Sydney with his wife and is the father of five adult children.

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