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Our tailored CPD marketing seminars are crafted to equip law firms, regardless of size, with the tools and insights needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of modern marketing. Designed to cater to firms at various stages of your marketing journey, these seminars offer specialised strategies that cater to both beginners seeking foundational knowledge and advanced firms in pursuit of cutting-edge methodologies and technologies.

Whether you’re aiming to establish a solid marketing foundation or searching for innovative approaches to accelerate growth, these seminars are your gateway to success. Join us for one or both seminars to unlock invaluable insights and strategies that will empower your firm to reach new heights. Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to elevate your marketing endeavors and pave the way for unprecedented success.


Wednesday 14th February 2024

About the Presenter

Peter is a Director of Lift Legal Marketing and the go-to person in law firm marketing, nationally.  

He draws on his experience as a former practicing lawyer and Managing Partner of a progressive law firm for over 20 years. He is especially skilled at decluttering the marketing jargon and analysing the individual needs for law firm principals and practice managers.

Knowing the legal profession so well enables him to share valuable insights with you. With a wealth of knowledge in law firm marketing, Peter regularly presents to lawyers of small and medium size law firms and industry associations.

About Us

At Lift Legal Marketing, our singular focus revolves around empowering law firms through unparalleled marketing expertise. Trusted by lawyers worldwide, we are devoted exclusively to the craft of law firm marketing. Founded by former Managing Partners of progressive law firms, our roots are deeply entrenched in the legal landscape, granting us an intimate understanding of lawyers’ unique needs.

With a foundation built on firsthand experience, we bring unparalleled insights into lead generation and effective strategies. We seamlessly blend deep industry knowledge with advanced technical expertise to meticulously design marketing strategies that not only align with but elevate your firm’s objectives, resulting in amplified revenue streams. We are dedicated to setting new standards in service excellence, consistently delivering robust client results. Innovation and creativity are the hallmarks of our approach, aimed at establishing your firm with a distinct competitive advantage.

At Lift Legal Marketing, we don’t just understand the legal profession; we elevate it through cutting-edge strategies and unwavering dedication to driving your firm’s succes

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